Monday, January 26, 2015

Built in 1850 this old farm house has great potential, i hope, with all my fingers and toes crossed!!  Its pretty chopped up right now, rooms divided and added as children were born  but they were added in a way that is charming and i love!  The house was part of a larger estate originally that has been sold off over the years.  The rooms need to be reconfigured, new bathroom added existing bathroom re fitted.  Along with this there is no heat on the first floor and the kitchen is non existent but i think its all workable, or seems to be fun projects at least.  The bones are amazing, with spectacular floors and old beams throughout the house.  Not to mention the 2 staircases and beautiful attic space.  Lets see what the building inspector turns up!....fingers crossed....

these floors!!!!
this is the step down in the lower part of the cottage, all the rooms here have great beam work 

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