Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Initial Planning, the kitchen

So now is about the time i can start to get excited. I have committed to the property and contracts are signed I'm just trying to finalize the mortgage stuff.  SO obviously what i need to do reduce the stress this causes is to start shopping.  Look at these lovely taps (faucets to my American friends).  I know most people hate single taps and love a mixer, but with this house, its not about resale or investment, its about indulging all the things i love and want! yes there corroded and old and most of all, beautiful.  I have this giant kitchen that really can just be what ever i want it to be, there is nothing there right now.  I'm in love with the idea of a big old soap stone sink that will go along the wall where the sink is now.

I will be doing my usual and trawling craigslist and then enlisting friends help to pick up one.  All in due time. But the taps i already bought!
My first think on the list to do is work on the living room.  I need to take out the wall and also put in the  wood burner.
So excited and cant wait to get up there and get working on it. I'm starting to gather up all my odd bits of furniture scattered around the area and gradually move them up there.  This weekend I'm trying to motivate to take a car load up and put in a storage unit close to the house so its all up there.  Send me motivating vibes !

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