Sunday, March 8, 2015

The first week end at the cottage

What a blur the whole 4 days have been, I'm now comfortably sitting on the train heading back into the city.  I already have that feeling of not wanting to leave, which is nice.  The truck is left at the station till Friday so this is the first time that i am trying this, so fingers crossed she's safe and sound there. The alarm system on the house is in and running so again fingers crossed the place will be secure.  A lot of crossed fingers. 
The security system i went with if anyone is interested in called front point.  Its all wireless and easy to set up, i can monitor anything usual from the internet and check in to make sure its all safe and sound.  The idea is that if the motion sensors go off or the door sensors are disturbed then the alarm will go off, and that will hopefully scare them away (again fingers crossed).  What has been really lovely is that 2 of the neighbors have already stopped in and i chatted with them and explained that i would be more of a weekend, and they were great about offering to check in on the plane and i have their numbers.  That above any security system made me feel better, one is an ex new york cop so that handy.  Everybody is so nice its crazy!! 

On to some fun stuff.  I have already rambled on about the light in this house, but i mean its beautiful.  The snow really helps, you know reflecting and what not, but either way coming down to this light is a nice start to the day.  Friday was quite the day, this was the day the furniture arrived and beds and all that.  I stupidly thought that i could also stop by the local garage and get my truck inspection done for the liscensing (you have 10 days after registering).  I was blithely unaware of what would then unfold.  Sitting at the dinner across the street from the garage i get a call to say my bearings are bad.  I mean thats nothing new but he was referring to the truck.  I go over and she's all up in the air with her tires off.  Apparently they needed replacing and that was going to take 2-3 hrs.  That should have been fine, all i was going to do till 2 pm was go to home depot but strangely enough everything was early, the beds, the sofa!! SO after a nice man at the garage gave me a lift home i got the beds in.  The the sofa truck couldn't fit up the road, so that had to be strapped to the back of the now fixed truck, this all happened in a about 45 minutes! By the time i got back home my great friend suzanne was there with her daughter for some much needed support! Nothing like friends to keep you grounded ! Moral of the story is that nothing goes to plan but it all works out (ish) in the end! Then the furniture truck ended up coming around 6, so that was next.  Anyway by the end of friday i had a room that looked like this.  This will eventually be the dinning room but for now its the one room that feels cozy and home.  I LOVE it! The furniture in here will eventually be in that other room through the door, but you can see below I'm doing some work in there.


A  little home depot action shot. This was saturday morning.  Nothing makes me happier than waking up, i slept like a log, coming down the back stairs to that kitchen and then driving in the truck to home depot.  Perfect morning.  Got a bunch of stuff that i won't bore you with, mostly insulation, a jack beam, and other bits and bobs.  Then it was home to install the jack beam, just wanted to take some of the bounce out of a floor, the inspector said it was fine, but I'm not sure he was inspecting for a 2 am robyn dance party.  Either way i feels better to not have quite such a bouncy floor.  

The first house guest, Miss Kevin OD.  Looking handsome as ever in his welcome pack of gloves, goggles and face mask.  The face mask was a special request and my first instinct was mud masks not actual face filters.  Probably a good idea, thanks kev.  Look what we uncovered.  The ceiling is going to be amazing !!!!! So SO amazing, those rough hewn beams, the wide plank floors above, the peg and post construction.  This is just one half of the room but we got it down in a few hours, as with all projects it was the clean up that was tedious, but its all bagged up.  Now just looking to see how best to dispose of it all, have it picked up (more expensive) or lug it to the dump myself.  Ill going to research this week. Im so thankful for his help, its way more fun with friends. 
My other friends Malcolm and Rick stopped by with some lunch which was amazing too, so nice to have visitors to cheer me on. This is the room where i want to put the fire place in, which i have been obsessing about.  Now I'm thinking it will have to wait to the end of the year, its going to cost more than i had hoped and its not essential.  Im going one room at a time.  The dura vent chimney is not cheap, but i am going to enlist a contractor friend to help me install and I'm searching craigslist for used chimney parts, we will see what i russel up. I have found a stove i love, maybe ill get and just have the ethanol burner in it for now for ambiance, but I'm trying to stay practical and reign in my styling side.  Always substance over style, right?

This was a fun Sunday project.  Re insulating the heating pipes.  There is about a foot and a half crawl space is some areas under the house where there is a long run of pipes.  This is now what I'm obsessed with, pipes.  If there going to freeze, how they stay warm, are they leaking.  Riveting stuff i know but I'm into it.  So i got all indian jones and crawled along under the house for as far as i could go. They have survived this far without it so I'm not totally concerned but i was doing a bunch of pipes so i just did it. This is when you had wished you have never seen the film arachnophobia. This job goes in the same bucket as installing all the windows locks, light sensors.  Not that fun but satisfying non the less.  Next thing to do is look into getting the digital thermostat, Nest.  Its a chunk of change but will be nice to be able to control the heat from far away.  Turn it up when I'm on the train, or in bed in the morning.  Hopefully the most freeing weather is behind us, so i don't have to worry, we shall see.  

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