Friday, March 6, 2015

First day at the Cottage

Okay so day 1! 
Felt like the longest day. I began by driving through a snow storm from Manhattan Up to the house. Meanwhile as per usual the truck was loaded high with China, trunks and taxidermy. I wasn't leaving without my trusty deer head to keep me company for the fledgling weekend. Anyway made it up there and first even before signing my life away I met with a chimney guy to get some quotes. Needless to say I wil be needing volunteers to help with putting up a new chimney ! To be expected. Also there was leaks in the pipes still so the guy came out To just fix them. Also got to unstable the heating system a little better. It's all over the place and a little frankensteined but that's kinda my style anyway. 
By the time 2pm came when I signed a bunch of document it felt like it should be bed time. Anyway more to come but soon as I got back to the house. I mean soon as went to the grocery store, hardware store (feel so suburban) and called my mum and everyone else. I got to tidying and then I did the below ! 

Yesssss I love an action shot 


But look at this beauty. The post and peg construction is there and those beams. Those beams!! The fireplace may have to wait but I can have my amazing ceiling. I have to take the wall lot and then take the old plaster and lath down. I use my sawzall and then my circular saw but in reality it's easier to just jank it down. Anyway it messy and as always the tidy up is more tedious than the fun of pulling it down. As always I want it done and have a beautiful cozy sitting room with fire by the end of the weekend. That's not gonna happen. If I get one of the 2 rooms done that will be just fine for this weekend. Sorry about the haphazardness of this post but I'm
Just doing a quick one, more to come ...

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