Monday, March 30, 2015

Stove face lift

God these photos look bad...but look at what i am working with.  I have been wanting to buy a new stove.  I found the brand NXR at AJ madison which does a cheap version of the viking stove which i love.  But i just can deal with getting rid of something that works just fine and spend 2K on a stove.  So whilst googleing i found a couple of things that i thought would be worth trying out.  First is the stainless steel paint which i just ordered online.  VERY SKEPTICAL.  Many many light layers later..Then the other product was a stainless steel film also just ordered on amazon.  Not sure on how it will stand up to the heat but as its on the glass panel on the front which stays cool we will see. Supposedly it's meant to work. Worst case i waisted 70 bucks but i think it turned out at the very least better than it was before and will do for a year or so till i can splurge on the new stove.

See the final product below.  Im still looking into replacing the knobs for a chunkier effect and with another cutting board strategically placed in front of the dash at the back i think it could pass.  Also helps that you get too see the new grey walls which make it almost disappear.

Also notice i made the window opening smaller, like a viking.  The easiest part was running a piece of chrome closet rail over the handle to get the industrial look.  Simple home depot purchase cut to size and threaded over the existing handle.  Thats a piece of the film on the table in front.  To be honest the film is the most succesful but was also the biggest pain.  Air bubbles the first couple of trys but just patience and applying very slowly helped.  The paint is easy but again just do very light layers.  It is by no means a viking stove but once its all "styled" right i'm hoping i can live with it.  What do you think?

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  1. Woah... impressive. I think it's great that you are more than willing to make do with what you have while you wait for what you want. Only problem may be all the penny's saved some how turn into boxwood.


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