Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The weekend update...part two

So much happened this weekend i'm doing two post, yeah lucky you!  This maybe the more interesting installment anyway as I'm sure pulling plaster down is wearing thin.  After all that demo, and clearing up of the demo which is inevitably the worst part i needed a little instant design.  Im a craigslist addict, call it the thrifty in me (its a budget out of necessity not choice).  Anyway i saw some images of an old work bench and it was a 30 min drive further upstate from my house.  I dragged my unsuspecting friend David with me, this was after waking him up at 7 am to do a run to the dump.  Yes these people choose to be friends with me. I'm eternally grateful and very blessed.
In a barn at the end of a muddy track, which i had my doubts about ever getting out of again, and especially with my luck in regard to the truck over the weekend, was the below bench.  Covered in straw and in the company of 2 horses and a rather freindly old cow.  A nice old man showed me it blissfully unaware he was in the presence of a gay who needed a new kitchen island!  So that was that and in the back of the truck it went. I did ask if i could take the cow too but he just chuckled.  Thats for another weekend.  The truck made it up the track and we made it home safe and sound.  
The bench is so SO perfect.  Its almost the exact same shape as the other table that is in the kitchen, so they will sit together, one solid structure next to the other more beaten up and weathered.  Im thinking this one at the height it is and then the other one is lower so you can sit around it.  Or the other one will be raised up to the same height so its like a bar you can sit on stools around.  All in good time.  I will mess around with these again and again i am sure.

This photos a little blurry but the editing and filtering photos are on insta, here I'm just going for it so you will have to excuse my terrible grammar and sometimes odd photo.  Those top two drawers are like the old printmakers drawers repurposed in there. So its full of little section for things. I love things.  I already adjusted it a little so the cutting knives go in there.  I can't wait to get all ocd and organized stuff in there. 

Heres a clearer shot.  David is a cleaning matching so he scrubbed it down, then took a light sanding block and rubbed it all over.  Then conditioned it with a beeswax so it looked amazing after all his hard work.  Space at the bottom for pans, cutting boards on the right....Oh and its the perfect place for tea! Im so so ready to paint the kitchen but i need to pull the horrible stucco ceiling down in here.  Im just finishing puling old plaster out of the living room so i got to rally up again for this room.  Its like a knock on effect in here.  I want to replace the sink, see the story below.  But before i do that i have to move the stove and gas line, but before i do that i have to move the base board heat.  Thats this weekend.  Im going to sweat some pipes and move the base board heat, then ideally get the stove moved, so that i can then do the ceiling and move the sink and then paint....phew that all seems a lot but little by little.

SO another craigslist hunt ensued later that day on saturday.  This took us into conneticut to what was an abandoned house, see that me in camp, look hard there i am.  Well this turned out to be the wrong house but anyway you get the idea.  In the basement was a sink very similar to the one below on the left. I love these giant old soap stone sinks. The grey, the size, the stone, all great in my books.  I didnt take a pic of the one that was in the basement, it was cracked and not in good shape, and also been badly patched with what looked like concrete.  All of this would have not normally stopped me, but there was three of us, and there was no way in hell we could move it.  Were people stronger many years ago? Or did they care less about breaking a finger under a stone sink? I admitted defeat on this one and gave up.  It was a good try for a really great sink, and i was trying to do something different that the white farmhouse sink. But that is what i am going back to i think.  I have toyed with the idea of old galvanized wash buckets but at the end of the day i still want some elements that look polished and together.  We will see what happenes but for now i am back to the white butler sink, not a bad option....i will continue to search craigslist, eBay and all of that.

soapstone sink 

Other than that there was 2 stops at home depot as i feel is going to be the norm. I purchased a very exciting new vacuum cleaner that i am sure i will destroy within weeks, plaster dust i am sure is not the best thing for it, but the shop vac was just not cutting it.  As i mentioned David is a cleaning machine so he mopped and cleaned and vacuumed the day away. I was so happy about that.  I like to rip it apart but my patience was wearing thin on the clean up.  Oh we also stopped somewhere in Connecticut and some nice families house and i got a bed frame, the old spindle kind.  It was a double but i attached it to a different from to fit the queen.  I will post a pic another day about that.  The whole upstairs of the house is really just going to have to stay as it is for some time.  Im just focusing on getting beds there for workers, i mean friends.  Side table, lamps will come in time and i love getting all of that so I'm in no rush.   This coming weekend i would like to get through it without a trip to the mechanic, so lets all cross our fingers that the truck (miranda she has been named) makes it through without costing me any more money.....

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