Tuesday, April 21, 2015

All about the hedge with a lot of digging.

Firstly what a weekend, I was happily indulging my inner Labrador by not showering and rolling in dirt. Well kind off. The weather was spectacular. I was up early for a drive into Connecticut to pick up a beautiful sink I found on craigalist. More on that later and then to homodepot to get some more wood trimmings for the kitchen and some more rails. I got up to the house Friday evening and finished digging the holes for the posts. Then I had an electrician come to take a look at the dryer outlet situation. As I thought the panel needs upgrading. This was expected but one only hopes that it won't need to be done. Even though it's not urgent it's something that I'm going to take for the long run and just suck it up. Otherwise I will spend all my moey on plants and come winter I will have no dryer. 
Then my friend Courtney came to visit and it was amazing! 

On the to the main subject of this post. Hedging. So I have a very quiet road by the house. There is another 6 or so houses past mine. So I had been planning a privacy screen. You know in the summer when you drunk and rehearsing your next dance routine. Not everyone needs to see that. The photo above and below are willow hedges, something that i have been researching and love the look of.  Willow is fast growing, easy and looks great.

This is my true inspiration, the hedges that run by parents farm. They are years and years old and are a great mix of beech, holly, brambles and other classic british hedges row plants. This takes years and beech is very slow growing. I chose willow as its economical in price and is fast growing and won't be too dense too quickly. I'm not looking for a wall as the view on to the barn and other trees is great. Along with the willow I planted blackberries, raspberry and also some native brambles. Nothing like a thorn to welcome people.  I say I did but Courtney did the planting I was busy doing mans work( haha!) cementing posts in. 

there she is hard at work, the shovel is the same size as her.  We did a fun sunrise ritual of planting an apple tree that will hopefully grow and be there for years to come.  The willow is small now but will hopefully fill in and look great by next year.  There was some serious leaf raking that went on too (must get a leaf blower), my gym routine has taken a back seat so leaf raking is the new yoga.

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