Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend in review..Fencing, and a few odd jobs

This weekend i had a few people up on Friday so it was a good excuse to slow down a little and start enjoying the house.  Of course i didn't do that.  I picked up a dishwasher, a security camera and then realized that i hadn't been to the grocery store or the liquor store and they close at 7 (well the liquor store does, who cares about the groceries).  SO friends arrived to a empty pantry and dwindling booze.  Luckily they travel with booze so all was not lost, and pizza and beer are close at hand. 
Saturday everyone was put too work, cleaning, painting and doing home depot runs.  Good times for all.  The MAJOR accomplishment was the fence starting to go in.  What a pain this was.  The enthusiasm for digging lasts for about 2 holes, then the largest boulders turn up and it takes the two of us to roll them out.  David was amazing! he worked like a maniac digging with me until it started to rain.  Great progress was made, cementing as we go, and tamping down the ones that are not. I can't believe how good it looked.  We even planted some raspberry and black berry brambles to get the thing started to be covered. The road is really quiet there is 6 houses past mine, and the neighbors were all stopping to say hi so its not really for crazy privacy, i just wanted more a boundary.  It creates a feeling of security, this is my little spot. Its a British thing, you know staking out your land, great British empire and all that! There is a lot of wild brambles up in the hills so they will get transplanted down as well.  The look is going to be a rambling english hedge.  Full of brambles and cow parsley and other things over time.  The birds will love the fruit and in essence they become a nature corridor.  Not that there isn't anywhere for the birds right now, the house back on the Appalachian preserve.  I would love beech but they are incredibly slow growing and $$$, but i may pop a few in and see what happens.  I am thinking about some willow as this mixes in well and will be a nice back drop to the flower beds that will eventually go in-front.  Willow has an amazing flexibility to it so it can be grown in to arches and all sorts of shapes, over time.  This garden gets so much sun and the soil is amazing.  I can't wait to get into it more.  As much as i love the interior my heart is outside in the soil.  What i love about gardening is like the opposite of painting a room.  It take patience and time.  Something that happens over years and you can see it unfold.  You remember when you planted something, you see it grow up.  Theres something really rewarding about it.  My plant file is long and way beyond my budget.  I keep answering the home depot questionnaires in hope that i will win the gift card! Fingers crossed.

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