Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Living Room Update

Remember when this was happening.  This was one of the first rooms i tackled back in the beginning of march, a little over 6  months ago.  The beams i had crossed my fingers were there, the fire place became more beautiful than i could have ever imagined, with more than a little elbow grease.  What was once 2 wired rooms have become one great big cozy room.  A visit from the niece of the old lady who lived here, funnily enough confirmed that it used to be one big room, before that partly an outside porch.  so much history in this place.

day two of getting the keys the ceiling
started coming down.
remember when the truck broke down with half the living
ceiling in it on the way to the dump, good times

On to the present.  I finally got around to taking some nice photos of the place.  Its still needs more bits and bobs, and i have already moved some things around since these photos but this is were we are today.  Needless to say its hard to leave this place...

My deer, every time i look at this i think of it strapped to the top of my truck with a tarp over it, driving to the closing, with a truck so full of stuff i looked like a crazy person.  With two antlers piercing the tarp driving through a snow storm.  Longest day every...

The blackened wood of the fireplace after i stripped back a bunch of layers, read back in the blog for that great Friday night i spent doing that.

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