Monday, August 3, 2015

This weekends Flea market finds

This weekends flea market was amazing. So many larger pieces of furniture instead of nick nacks and little prices. Feel in love with everything I got ....the 7am wake up was worth it! 

This captains bench was so unusual. I love the roped seat and want to maybe weave more through it rather than have it covered with the cushion but we will see. The rope would look beautiful but It's comfy with a cushion. Comfort may win out over style. It's a solid oiled oak and wasn't essential but as is so often the case I couldn't pass it up. 

I want the ivy to grow up into the kitchen is sort of this garden room with all the doors. I have wanted somewhere easy to sit in the morning for tea my tea and toast... And it was hard to find something that went under the window. It's perfect... 

In the living room I wanted some where to sit and read my garden books. This desk was perfect. It's a little more feminin as the living room is dark and masculine so adds a nice balance. Not a historic piece. Up close I think it's a bit of a repro but the price was right and it looks like it was made for the space.  The lawyers bookcase stacked on top is something I picked up a couple of weeks ago with the intention of stacking it on something. It looks so great like this. Just wait till I get more stuff all over it and start using it.  At the end of the day how you put it all together is key. Context and all that !  

Now this piece couldn't be more perfect. My mum and I had been talking in one of these smaller rooms about having a day bed. It was just stacked in a pile at the flea and I haggled it down but it's made for the space. It's a big heavy piece of furniture. It's empire style and is solidly made. As furniture should be. No fiberboard here. My back only just made it too tell the tale. Just wait till is covered in pillows, I have the perfect wall lights and my niece is snuggled up in there. Can't wait to style this room out !! 

Finally these two handsome lawn chairs. They used up the last of my budget but was happy to go home with no money. They fold up and are engineered better than anything you will buy today. Again it was love at first sight. It's amazing when some weeks you find nothing then other times it feels like you want everything. What's your favorite ?

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