Monday, September 28, 2015

Willow too and other garden nonsense...

My mum inspired this process.  Whilst chatting she mentioned how easy willow cuttings are to root by simply putting in water so i tried some the other week and would you believe it, they rooted.  You should just be able to shove a piece of willow in the ground and it will root, but it needs to be constantly wet and we have been so dry, so this process works a treat.

Its as simple as taking cuttings, which i needed to do as the bushes were getting out of control.  Then just strip the leaves, and i should have cut the top off a bit as well, but it worked the last time without doing that.

Then you just put them in water, the picturesque stream is optional but i had one to hand so used it.

After a few weeks this is what i got, and then they get shoved into the ground, hopefully with a fighting chance of survival.

This hedge/white garden area is a little bit of an obcession.  I really want it to feel full and lush and a good wall.  I really love the sense of enclosure so the more willow sprouting along here the better, and its free plants! I also planted in a few holly bushes that will become more visible as everything else starts to drop its leaves.  I also have some beech coming in a couple of months when they are dormant, so my initial dream of a British hedge row with the holly and the beech will happen.  The willow gives such an instant screen i can now invest in some slower growing things that will come over time and they will all grow together well.  The only problem is i have to keep making the flower bed not the other side deeper to fit everything in.  Not such a bad problem to have.

Obsessed with foggy mornings and looking out over the lawn.  Theres my new guys just on the edge of the woods. This is the beginning of the woodland garden, there is a natural sort of clearing up there and i want to have (another) bench and path leading up there.  Little balls all dotted around....heaven.

A close up of the holly, and a comparison shopping shot.  I take a pictue where ever i am to review and compare pricing amongst these different nursery i go to.  These were on 33% off and i found some at 40% off. 

Look at this!! In love with many boxwoods so little time ( i mean money)..

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