Sunday, March 10, 2013

Knife sharpener

This is what I woke up too this morning. A man and his van with his dog, ringing his bell as he drives around seeing if people want to get their knives sharpened. How old fashioned and lovely.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tiling Complete


The wall before hand.  Notice the bumps and lumps. I smoothed these out first with filler

As i have a very uneven wall i measured up from a straight line that i wanted to follow and i also was following the heght of the tile that was already set in the other areas of the bathroom.  Normally this is not a problem, i just start from the ground and work my way up, checking that it is straight as i go by marking horizontal lines every couple of feet up the wall.

Here you can see the Tile Setting Mat.  This is an amazing product that makes tiling so easy.  Having done the process both ways this is such a time saver, no adhesive and troweling it onto the wall, just stick them up and go.  Here is a video of the product

All up before grouting

the grouting being wiped off, this is the most satisfying part when you see it all come together.  You then leave it for a while to settle and there is always a light film over the whole wall.  Just wash away and there you go. 

The essentials: left to right
the tile cutter,  grout trowel, sanding sponge (used for dry wall and is amazing for everything has a good scrubbing side and a soft sponge on the other side)
Botton row, all in one adhesive and grout, tile spacers.  Spacers you generally no longer need as the tiles already have a little spacer built into them but if you want a larger grout line then you can use.  Its ALOT easier to not use them.  My mother taught me to tile and she always used matchsticks as spacers!
I have also used the wet saw for cutting thicker tile as i used in the kitchen but you can generally get what you need with the simple cutter above and tile nippers. 

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