Friday, July 26, 2013

Another country dream house...well a farm actually !

Below are some images of a place I looked at not far from New Paltz, its an old farm house on 15 acres, with amazing potential.  It really pushed me to think about what i felt comfortable taking on, as just one person on a tight budget with a full time job.  I realized that as much as i would love this place and can see the endless potential, it was just too much as a hobby project.  Really great to dream about it however.  It also forced me to start asking some really good questions to myself about why i am doing this and what i want to get out of this. My friends questioned my sanity when we drove up to it, but come on.....she's a beauty.  The porch, the bones, there amazing.  Maybe a little haunted but you know nothing a sage smudging wouldn't get rid off!
The idea of 15 acres would be really amazing, driving me was a conversation with my dad who breeds border collies and has a following in the states. This could be a great place for him to work out of when he comes here, raising and training the dogs.  Along with that i simply dream of not seeing another person at the weekend when i leave the city, me antisocial...never.
Anyway i didn't move forward with the project so i fear she will sit there and rot away as the house and land have already been on the market for quite some time.

Just look at the friends were horrified at the thought of me living here!!

Great shot, me in all my wisdom checking the foundation......

3 ft of water in the basement, maybe a little too much to take on.  Along with no heating and not mechanical to speak off. One day this will be the project i jump into!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another country cottage....Jordan cottage anyone?

This one is a real beauty, in contrast to the 15 acre place this is just a simple 4 acre, with the cottage on one and then another 3 acre parcel of land.  Again the possibilities are endless, and this one has real potential to be reality.  It been vacant for some time and on the market for even longer but i don't really understand why. There is some work to be done and it mainly involves demo of a 2 stores deck (i mean isn't one deck enough?).  But i guess i underestimate the amount of work people want to take on.  Also its up what i think is a road, having grown up where roads involve not tarmac but mainly mud, holes and cattle grids so this "track" may also be off putting to some people.  Anyway it would mean i could have my blissful solitude when i want but also have a great place to indulge my inner Martha Stewart (in a gay, guy, british kinda way, tv show anyone?). Stay tuned, I'm crossing everything.

hello beautiful.....

The deck that needs puling down, but i just see lots of beautiful wood to turn into shelves...see the shelf project how too page.  Also see all those established box woods, they just need a good trim..balls everywhere...

yes the giant tv does come with it, i will probably have to watch working girl on it just because its all so 80's (or 90's did they even have tvs that big then)

mmmm formica counter tops, my favorite

Now this we shall call fern glade.  Its magical, its my own personal Narnia, Mr Tumnus is behind a tree.  There is a huge flat stone where Aslan is sacrificed (sorry a little dark) but i don't care, its amazing.  There will be a fire pit, there will be yoga, there even could be one day a studio.  The sunlight is spectacular.  Oh just disregard the shooting range that it was used for, not really cool in Narnia......

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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