Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Garden...

Remeber when it was like this in the yard...

The the fence happened...

Well this is where we are now...

Lupins, beadered Irises

The First mowing of the lawn changed everything.  I guess it was at this point that i realized that i had a GIANT lawn.  Then proceeded to run around it with happiness! 

Spending my last pennies on my favorite plants, a budleia and an allium 

my garden inspiration, one day it will look like this!!

After accidentally knocking the wall underneath the summer house area down i rebuilt it but lost a finger nail in the process.  I have so many dry stone wall on the property, i love it.  My dad is a great dry stone waller so its in me somewhere.  I spent more time driving into them with the tractor than building them on the family farm...clearly my ability to demo is still there..

My white poppy flowering along with the lupins making an appearance in the back ground.  White flower farm close to me has the healthiest plants and i'm really lucky with great soil.  Soil as you know is the key.  I am still making sure to keep adding new garden soil and feed feed feed.  The plants will only ever be as good as your soil.  I know its a pain. I just always pick up a bag (or three) of garden soil when at home depot.  That way its always there to add when planting.

A good photo showing the primer with its blue tone and then the top coat which is a taupe/grey colour.  The color is going to be so great

The painting in process shot..

Relocating some of the stone pavers in to a great bench.  You can see the willow and other shrubs starting to grow in.  We have had a really wet and warm spring so the garden is so happy.  Ive added so much since this shot.  I promise to post some more this weekend 

Virginia Wolf's garden at Monk's house, in Rodmell in England is a constant source of inspiration.  She and her husband lived there for decades and create an amazing retreat from the world.  This is my hope with the garden, a private retreat.  The very creation and nurturing of it is something i love, and im happily to spend hours, days working on it.  I've mentioned it before but with the garden its not anything instant.  The trees will be tiny for years and years, but one day maybe, if they live there will be two rows of fruit trees all beautifully interwoven to go sit amongst.  Fingers crossed i will be sitting amongst them.  There is this sense of urgency however, to get things in and get them growing.  You work in years not in weeks in the garden, you have to get it planted in this year otherwise you have to wait another year.  Gardening you really have to have a vision of what it could be, unless your spending lots of money and can have insta garden..

Saying that here is some instant gardening, these great chairs have been taunting me at a thrift shop that i drive by ever time i go to home depot.  I finally gave in and got them. Also more foxgloves.  My obsession and im finally growing them from seed.  Fox gloves are bi-annual. This means they grow a year then flower the next, then go to seed and sprout up every where if the conditions are good.  Im doing a little experiment, i have put some seeds in the damp, natural habitat of the woods and then i have some in the seed trays as well.  Lets see what happens.  Turns out the kitchen may just become one big potting shed, my mother will be horrified!!

Finally removing the gigantic ugly ariel (antenna) that has been on the house for years.  Also got to see the condition of the roof close up.  Pretty much a miracle its not leaking so lets hope it stays that way.

Slow progress on the painting but its getting there.  

Finally have some outdoor furniture and you can string these lights anywhere and it makes a place look great.  The table is an old kitchen table from a yard sale and the chairs i have been lugging from apt to apt for years, they finally have a resting place in the garden.  Oh and those lights make anything look pretty and cute.  

One of my favorite plants, a peony blooming.  It happens for such a short time but they are so beautiful.  I will get more next year and plan to get different varieties to extend the blooming time.  Being a weekend house is good and bad.  Bad that you only have 2-3 days with your garden but it is nice to go away and then really notice the difference that happens when you are gone.

My buddleia showing me it's happy by flowering away.  This guy attracts butterfly's and is again one of my favorites.  Unfussy and easy to grow it will get large and add to the "hedge effect".  He has since been moved further down the garden.  I replaced him with a white one as this is part of what is the white garden then graduates in to a purple area..

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