Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chelsea flea market

Always a great place to find a treasure. West 26th between 6th ave and 7th ave. surprising not too overpriced!

New bathroom sink

Amazingly my new sink has arrived in one piece. Really great packing from Lets see how it assembles and installs. Stay tuned ...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Metal stacking boxes

Randolph Industries makes a great product. These metal stacking drawers are used for industrial garages, workshops etc. They look amazing In person and they offer a much better solution to other stacking storage. You can get them in permeated, open ended and various sizes, you have to order the rack that is slides in and the the "tote" as they call the drawers. Made in America

Un-packing. Turns out the most expensive thing is the shipping but worth it as you can keep adding to them over time

Wood & Pipe Shelves

Wood & Pipe Shelves

Rustic wood and pipe shelves

pipe detail

Salvaged Plank for shelf
Metal flange which attatches to the wall
Appropirate length of pipe
Nipple for end of pipe

Assemble the cast iron pieces and screw to the wall 

Vintage lamp

The cheat way to rewire an old lamp providing the wiring to the bulb is sound.  I simply buy a cheap extension cord and snip off the socket part. Then you have a ready made plug with lead and don't have to worry about wiring the plug and all that bother.  I then use a great product which is a simple wire connector, the wires just push in and then lock in place.  It also allows greater flexibility when placing the lamp and you have a chance to unclip the join and thread it through holes if need be. I just need to look at painting them black so they blend in. Its all really easy, email me with any questions. 

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