Friday, January 30, 2015

More on the farm house...
So the home inspection went great, really getting to know the house and to see how its built.  Seems like all the structure and systems seem to be in good (ish) shape.  The windows will need work eventually but for now all is good.  It really reminds me of the farm house i grew up on.  I will try and find a picture of it to post,  Trowupburn farm in the cheviot hills, on the border of England and Scotland. So as of now I just need to wait on the radon test (a gas that sometimes seeps from the ground) and also for the snow to melt a little so we can get a better look at the roof...keep crossing your finger and toes..

The old bead board needs cleaning up but its in great shape, there is some seriously original crackle effect on those walls!  The cupboard in the left photo is where the chimney is...and the hole above that is where the flu would have gone, this is where i need to get a chimney man out to take a look and see if it needs a liner etc and to get a wood burner installed, wheres my Dad when you need him! That is one of the first thing i want to get done, the wood burner installed.  Even thought the place was cozy when i was there the upstairs has not heat at the moment.  Its the way i grew up but that's not to everybody liking, so a wood burner will help get some heat up there.  Both the staircases have doorways to them so its actually pretty brilliant, you can close of the whole upstairs so the heat really just stays on the ground floor.  We will see what its like when your actually sitting on the safe and feeling a draught from somewhere!

This is the door way to the back stair case.  I can't help but feel all downton abbey with just the mention of a back staircase.

Underneath here is the old beams, i think, just like upstairs.  For some reason they are all boxed in on this floor.  Upstairs you can see the old peg and post construction


Hello you gorgeous piece of hardware, let me boil and scrape you back to life.  Oh and if you have been to my apt you will be aware of my addiction to anything that has feet on it. So when i noticed this table i obviously asked if they would sell it (what i actually did was ask if they would throw it in the deal!) we will see what they come back with !
These floors are just perfect as they are.  Oh and that giant tree, that's my future garden.
the woods behind the house....
the upstairs is all a little chopped up but i really want to, one day just cathedral all those ceiling and expose all that beam work.  It could be amazing..

one of the largest rooms above the kitchen 

there it is again, even prettier with a fresh dusting of snow.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Built in 1850 this old farm house has great potential, i hope, with all my fingers and toes crossed!!  Its pretty chopped up right now, rooms divided and added as children were born  but they were added in a way that is charming and i love!  The house was part of a larger estate originally that has been sold off over the years.  The rooms need to be reconfigured, new bathroom added existing bathroom re fitted.  Along with this there is no heat on the first floor and the kitchen is non existent but i think its all workable, or seems to be fun projects at least.  The bones are amazing, with spectacular floors and old beams throughout the house.  Not to mention the 2 staircases and beautiful attic space.  Lets see what the building inspector turns up!....fingers crossed....

these floors!!!!
this is the step down in the lower part of the cottage, all the rooms here have great beam work 
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