Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Before and after ... Chair edition



A little elbow grease, translate to ripping the ugly velour off this chair and exposing the burlap underneath. As always a little faith that underneath there's usually something better. If not its ready to be recovered. Luckily for me this is an old chair and mostly they always have a burlap covering. Just need a great seat cushion and were in business. All this for 10 bucks :-) 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bathroom Update...

So much has happened in the last week, all because my Mum came to visit .  She is a whirlwind of energy, clearly she's to blame for my madness.  Anyway i have so much to post i am going to start with the bathroom.  Firstly here are a few inspiration shots.  I have talked about wanting to go down the route of brass fixtures and fittings.  Something different than the proliferation of chrome, i was a little worried that i wouldn't like it, but what the hell i went for it.  I ordered fixtures on line from images, again a little nerve raking as things are never quite what you see when they arrive, but i was really pleasantly supprised, thanks ebay and china for not failing me.  The budget as always drives these decisions, to try and find the best look i can at the best price, or the price i can afford

Love this old style shower mixer, one day this beauty will be mine, not yet however...
Existing bathroom 
Existing bathroom 
The destruction commences....

I had origianly planned on simply painitng the exisitng bathroom and just installing the new sink in the adjoning room outside this bathroom, eventually the two rooms becoing one.  The little sink in the bathroom area pictured would be removed.  This woudl be when the new bathroom goes in upstairs, who know when that will happen.  But obviously curiosity again got the better of me and i pulled the ceiling down.

You can see under the old ceiling board is a mis match of some old plaster and then some lath.  Nothing is simple.  So what i did and it was so SO tedious to do was slide in new cement board up there in-beween those old beams and the really old beams if that makes sense.  I hadn't planned to do this and it took me the better part of a day to cut and fix it in there.  After all this is a bathroom and you want it to look some what clean and functional.  Then i grey washed the beams and i think it all came together well 
Honing my plumbing skills.  I do
love me some plumbing.
Some progress with the beginning of tiling

I blame this sink entirely for the redo of the bathroom. I had planned to leave the bathroom
well alone but a late night Craigslist search i came across this stone beauty for $50.  Then
is snowballed in to the brass fixtures and the rest you are seeing.  The idea of the additional
sink was really about making the use of the room outside the bathroom.  Until there is
another bathroom, this helps with bedtime teeth cleaning and face washing is someone is
in the shower etc.

A better shot of the ceiling coming together and the tile

Grey grout going on.  Tiling i love, easy, systematic almost theraputic.  The cutting can be a little bit of a pain, but in
compariosn to grouting, its a breeze.  Grouting is messy, tedious and at this point you just want to be done.  Tile adhesive has to set for 24 hrs before the grout then the grout needs an additional 16-24 hrs.  Needless to say i was on
day 3 of no shower.  I was happy to have an excuse to be gross ;-)
The grey wall in the bathroom.  Again i am in love with this color. AND look at my taxidermy quail.  He matches the stone and the wall to perfection.  Who doesnt want to clean their teeth and hang out with a dead bird..

and a dead antelope.  Again i had to rip off the wood covering that old beam as well.  I must admit if i wanted to live in one room it would be this one!

Those budget fixtures from china didnt turn out half bad.  I should have installed it about a half foot higher but if i ever date someone who is over 6 foot then i will worry about it then.  Here the tiling is all done and you can see the grey grout all dried and finished.  I chose to stop the tile short of the ceiling so i could add a wood trim around the top. This is just a details to make it feel a little more period.

The existing sink lives another day.  He stays for now but i am on the hunt for a cute little sink here.  I really want one of the old railway brass fold down sinks that are out there, so lets see when i can un earth one of those.  For now it will do.  I need more bits and bobs and brassy bit but they will come as i keep going to the flea markets and what not.

Already there is a few new additions.. some creepy old men photos to go with my dead animals..heaven.

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