Thursday, October 8, 2015

Autumn bulbs...and more boxwood

Allium azure (below) is one of my favorites.  I already have a few alliums groups in the garden but i want big clumps of them everywhere.  When i was home last year i visited Alnwick castle and they have hundreds of them scatered beneath trees in a well light but wild area.  Im thinking about putting more all around the small orchard area i have and seeing what happens.  Not sure if it will work as you need to let them grow in the summer and i will want to mow the grass, so it may just be in the flower beds.  I may try some in the wild meadow area beyond the small orchard.  Anyway now is the time, in fact I'm being.  Alliums need to be planted now so they can get settled before it starts to get too cold.  That will be this weekends project..

Graceful Allium
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Azure Allium
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In the allium bulbs go, i want this whole bed to be covered in them. Not too spread out but little clumps all mixed in.  The plan for this bed all along is blues and greys to play off the house and it looks beautiful.  Strangely enough my iris is blooming for second time which is strange, need to look into why its decided to do that.  Its a lovely treat non the less.  Oh and thats my good friend David in the back ground, always good to have friends to help you.

Also my new Joseph Bentley Bulb tool was put to good use.  If your looking to update your tools or need to buy new ones then this is the company you should look too.  I really like the strong stainless steel and wood handle construction, and they are of course handsome to look at.  I know what else is on my shopping list, the whole set.

Another purchase was a new set of pruners.  Not the ones with the plastic handles and orange tips. These are from a company called Flexrake and they do a classic line of garden tools.  They a much better price than the Bentley and are the best you can find (trust me) at that price.  Between the two brands you can get everything you need.  Im all about investing in something that is well made and is good to look at.  Enough with the plastic and primary colors!

10 Allium Bulbs - "Mount Everest" Snow White - Perennials Bulbs , Now Shipping !

Back to bulbs.  The White alliums will be clumped into the white garden bed.

Snow drops and bluebells.  Quintessentially British bulbs. These will go everywhere if i have my way.  I have ordered 80 blue bells and 50 snow drops.  I will have to channel my inner Martha Stewart and gather as many hands as possible to get these in towards the end of the month.  I have a busy travel schedule coming up so timing is everything.  Not to early or they will start to grow and i don't want to leave it too late.  First weekend of November is when I'm thinking.  I have my beech  tree seedlings coming then too so i will still be a busy time.  I still need to order the hornbeam to go in as well to fill out the hedge idea.  I will leave this property with plants that will go on forever, and one day it will have a fantastic hedge and an all year round flowering garden.

This i s a sight i love, these boxwoods popping up over the truck.  The lovely chap at the garden nursery gave me a great deal on these guys, there a little off color and were not particularly loved.  Fingers crossed with a good feed and some attention they will come back strong in the spring...

I love this view...and now i added more to it..see below

Look back to the house from the woods.  Im going to keep adding, of course, but the space around them is what is important so not too many more can go in, I would like a few smaller one dotted around.  

This is where all the blue bells will go in.  Then come spring it will be box wood and blue bells.  I think it will be so beautiful too take a walk up there and sit.  I will have built a stone bench or found a wooden bench i like to situate up in there by then i hope.  Off to the left is also a very basic nursery bed where i have a whole bunch of fox gloves growing so i may also leave a few of them in there for good measure.  All my favorites.  I think it also needs another little topiary, the smaller version of the big guy at the front.  We will see what happens this weekend...stop me!

My Bulb List
  • Allium (purple and white for there respective gardens)
  • Bluebells(woodland walk)
  • Snowdrops (orchard)
  • White daffodils (along the hedgerow)
  • Grape Hyacinth (Around the Norway Maple)

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