Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Kitchen Reno

Kitchen Project

Kitchen Before Photos

In all its 1980's beauty.  Yes i bought the apt
with this beauty of a kitchen in.  This was my
first time doing a full renovation of a kitchen
after many years of little mini renovations in
various apartments.  
Good bye old dishwasher.  I pondered the
concept of putting back in a dishwasher but
given the size of the apartment that the storage
was more important, i also eat take out a lot!

Good bye fridge
mid process

Installing new surge protection outlets

Floor before
Floor after

Over head lighting
Vintage swing arm being installed in the pass

The marble slab
Here it is being cut

The marble slab.  Not going to lie giving the measurements to this having never measured out a work surface before was a bit terrifying.  Also given that non of the walls are straight!

Here goes the instillation. Again this being the first
time that i am installing a work surface it proved
interesting, side note it weighed a ton!
Ah a very technical looking sketch of the work



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