Thursday, October 20, 2016

Garden Jobs for the weekend (or October depending how quickly you get it done :-)

Collect Seeds
I started this a few weeks back but take the time to collect up any seeds you want to re sew next spring.  Foxgloves, lady mantle, poppy's are all on my list.  I also spent some time purchasing some seeds as now seems to be the time i remember what i want and have a plan for where to sew it.

Plant Bulbs
Ive done the easy bit, buying them.  Now its time to get to work and plant them all before i run out of time.  I keep it simple with alliums, daffodils, tulips, croquosus and grape hyacinth.  Im trying to get blue bells to naturalize in the woods as well so i will add to them but for some reason they didn't do so well last year.  The grape hyacinth seems to prefer the ground so I'm definitely putting a whole bunch more in

My favorite ! Plant trees now. Immediately.  GO BUY ONE.  There basically giving them away at any nursery right now.  Last weekend i put in a new apple tree in to the small orchard, and i may move the dogwood that i planted i there and add another cherry.  This time of year the soil is still warm.  In upstate new york too warm and not enough water, but non the less, get a tree in, give it some water and off it goes.

Everything is starting to go on sale right now.  So get out there and see what you need.  Time to plant roses (i planted 3), plant irises (i planted 8), plant peonies (I'm up to 6 more so far) plant hydrangeas (i planted 4).  I can't stress enough how great it is to do it now.  Theres no instant gratification like in the spring so it takes that little bit more motivation.  The plants often look like there dead, or close to it at this time of year as well so that doesn't help.  But you will get such great benefits next spring.  They get to settle in, put there feet under the cover and snuggle down for the winter.  Just keep them watered in well, especially if we have another dry winter.  The will reward you next year.  Also look out for larger shrubs on sale, especially at Home Depot and the likes.  They are just trying to clear the place out so there is some good deals to be had.

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